Donate Junk Car For Poor People in Detroit

donate junk carDonate Junk Car for The Reverend Charleszetta Waddles was a woman who helped the poor of the poorest in Detroit, Michigan. She was putting much effort to help those who didn't have all the opportunities we expect each person should have. She provide the food for them and made a change in life of many. Donate junk car and continue the job she has started. How can that be done? Very easily. We want people to remember the Reverend Charleszetta Waddles so we have named the donation program after that exceptional lady.

Our Donate Junk Car program is planned to help the people from Detroit, a place where Mother Waddles was helping poor. Also, our Mother Waddles program is aimed to people who live in other parts of Michigan as well. If you would like to join us and help us to return the dignity and hope to those who are poor, please, visit our website and fill the form which we have prepared for donors. We accept old cars and trucks which will be sold and the money will be proceeded to those poor people who are maybe even sleeping on the street and not in warmbad like normal life should look like.

We accept the Donate Junk Car in bad condition as well, so please, if you have such car, just tell us and we will start the donation process with our towing company. Please, donate junk car if you have it. Your car may be a bit rusty and without one wheel, but that is not an obstacle for us. You can donate such car as well, so please, consider donating a junk car or truck.

That would be better than leaving it stay in a garage. After we receive your donation, we will sell the car for a low price to some who can't afford the more expensive vehicle. Money we get from your donate Junk Car will be also proceeded to people who are not so fortunate and who live in Michigan. If you wonder where to give a car, we will explain it all now, so read further, please.

After you fill a simple online form, we will give your contact information to a towing company who will call you and ask you to pick the date and place where will they come for your vehicle to take it. After they come, donate junk car to them and they will bring the vehicle to us. You will be given a receipt for a vehicle, that is tax deductible.

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