Mother Waddles

Car Donations in Michigan

Help the Needy in Our Local Communities with Your Vehicle Donation


Every Day Donations Are Helping People All Across Michigan

You can donate from anywhere in the state by giving us a call or donating online.

Your car donation, big or small, can make a huge difference in someones life.

Supporting Communities

One Car At A Time

Donating your car or truck online is easy and will help Mother Waddles to provide food, hope and dignity to the down-trodden and disadvantaged in our community.

You can get a full KBB Private Sellers Value for your running vehicle in a tax deduction. Even if it is not running, you can still get up to $500 or the selling price of the vehicle, whichever ends up being higher.

If you are looking to donate your car in Detroit, Warren, Grand Rapids or anywhere else in Michigan, you have found the right people to help. Together we can use your vehicle to not only get you a break on your taxes, but to also truly make a difference to those who are in need.

Quick and Easy

Take all the hassle out of trying to sell your vehicle; donate it to a good cause and get the full KBB Private Seller Value for it in a tax-deductible receipt.

Helping Those Who Need It Most

Not only will you get a great value out of your vehicle donation, it will go towards providing quality of life for people who could really use a helping hand.