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Sterling Heights MI Vehicle Donations

See how you can get a tax deduction and benefit the less fortunate in Sterling Heights

Step 1

Give us a call or complete our easy online form

Step 2

Get your donation picked up for free from anywhere in Sterling Heights

Step 3

Get your tax-deductible donation receipt

Step 4

Create a positive impact in the lives of people who really need help

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Donating made easy with our simple online donation form

Mother Waddles wants to help those in need, and we don't want the process to be painful for you. We want to be the best vehicle donation charity in Michigan.

Simply start the donation process by filling out our secure online donation form. All we need are a few details to begin, and you will be on your way to getting a tax deduction and helping people in need.


Anywhere in Sterling Heights

One of the towing companies we partner with will contact you, and set up a convenient time to pick up your vehicle free of charge! We can get your car donation in Detroit, Sterling Heights, and anywhere else in Michigan.

We can send them anywhere in Sterling Heights to retrieve the vehicle. Condition of the vehicle is irrelevant to us as we will still use it to benefit someone less fortunate.


Your tax deduction

As a part of the process with Mother Waddles, we ensure you will get the maximum value of the vehicle you donate, to put towards your taxes.

We guarantee Kelly Blue Book Private Seller Value on the donated vehicle if it is in running condition. Don't worry, even if it is not running, you will still receive either the price the vehicle sells for or up to $500, whatever one happens to be higher.


Your donation helps

Donating a vehicle impacts someones life. Makes their life easier, gives them more of the things that they need in day to day life. You can read some reviews of our car donation charity to see the good it has done in other people's lives.

We believe in people, and we aim to prove that with every step of our donation process. We hope you will join us in making a difference in the lives of the less fortunate.

Your car donation, big or small, can make a huge difference in someones life.